Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pete Wentz Apologizes For Swoosh Haircut

Breast milk-taster/Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz has come out with a list of gripes and loves for 2009, and on the list of gripes is the swoosh haircut popularized by, well, Pete Wentz:

6. the “swoosh” hair cut
i apologize for my participation. god, these pictures are gonna be like ones of my dad from the 70’s when he had long hair and a beard, just bad. i have no excuse.

I'm sorry, but Pete Wentz apologizing for his "participation" in the swoosh haircut phenomenon is like an arsonist apologizing for his "participation" in the burning down of your house. The house, in this metaphor, being my eyeballs. Alas, Pete, the damage is done, which you would have known if you had walked past a high school or mall any time in the past two years. Damage. Done.

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