Sunday, January 11, 2009

Media Mashup: Eyeball Eaters, Bee Agitators, and the Real F-Word

Here are some Sunday afternoon links to kill some time before the Golden Globes:

A few years ago, a friend of mine was in an amateur production of Oedipus Rex that made such gleeful use of corn syrup blood and gelatin eyeballs that even my dangerously-desensitized-by-massive-exposure-to-horror-movies self was moments away from fleeing the auditorium in queasy horror. This? This is so much worse:

"Thomas said he pulled out his eye and subsequently ingested it," agency spokesman Jason Clark said Friday. [...] "He is insane and mentally ill. It is exactly the same reason he pulled out the last one."

Oh, for the love of...did that actually need stating? I mean, really, the man who pulled his own eyeball from his head and ate it - twice - is mentally ill? Really? You don't say.

That story is almost as horrifying as this one: Tumor Found In Newborn's Brain Contained A Foot:
A pediatric neurosurgeon says a tumor he removed from the brain of a Colorado Springs infant contained a tiny foot and other partially formed body parts. [...] "It looked like the breech delivery of a baby, coming out of the brain," Grabb said.

Oh god. Oh god. OH DEAR GOD. Why, why, why do the interviewees with the least-writerly-jobs always feel the need to get extra imaginative in their quotes? Can't they find another way to unleash their creative side, like taking a pottery class or trolling on Digg or something? I'd normally have the urge to scrub my brain with bleach to eradicate that horrifying image, but now I also have the urge to mix in a little Gold Bond. Just, you know, in case.

Moving away from Things That Are Horrible into the land of Things That Are Awesome, you might remember David Thorne as the guy who tried to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider. He specializes - to use the word lightly - in engaging in protracted and hilarious e-mail exchanges with unlucky, unwitting souls, then posting the results to his too-cool-for-a-functional-splash-page website. Well, he's at it again, e-harassing a motorcycle salesman with typical motorcyclist concerns, like getting attacked by swarms of bees:
According to one [web]page though, bees are technically unable to fly due to their wings being too small for their body weight but I have seen them do it so this can't be true. Somebody should check the internet and make sure everything on there is correct.

Over at The Hathor Legacy, Jennifer Kesler wants to know whether intent matters when judging the sexism within a piece of media:
Not only are we not claiming to know the writer’s (or director’s, producer’s or network’s) intent when we criticize their product, but I would go one step further and argue that intent doesn’t matter.

And finally, Amy Siskind did a very interesting article for The Daily Beast that's well worth a read, How Feminism Became the F-Word:
Who is looking out for the women of this country? Well, I will tell you who is not: Ms. magazine.

If my friend's apartment has wireless internet that I can tap into, I'll try liveblogging the Golden Globes the way I did the Emmys, so check back in later tonight. And if that fails, well, coming up this week I'll be talking about Frost/Nixon, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, my best and worst movie picks for '08, and the new season of Scrubs.


Sex Mahoney for President said...

My brother and I have been trying to figure out the worst movie of 2008. I'm leaning toward Babylon AD.

smd said...

Doomsday is my pick. It certainly had potential, but that was seriously the most painful thing I've sat through in years, inclusive of my wisdom tooth removal.