Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday Nights Are All Right For Lighting Up

Forgive me, Jenji Kohan, I have sinned. I expressed doubts about the quality of this season of Weeds, in spite of ample evidence (seasons 1, 2, and 3) of your awesomosity. Though I have to admit I still miss Heylia and Conrad, these past few episodes have been among the series’ best. Now that some of the left-behind-in-Agrestic crew has migrated to the new Botwin digs, the show is its old, sparkling self. The plots are tight and hilarious and the cast is stellar and bursting with chemistry. You’ve even noted the crackling Nancy/Andy chemistry. So, Miss Kohan, I hope you will forgive your faithful, wastrel servant for ever doubting you. Mea culpa.

As for that other naughty-lady Showtime show, I have to admit that Secret Diary of a Call Girl has greatly improved over the course of the past few episodes. Delving more into the personal life and quirks and doubts of Hannah has made the Belle portions much more satisfying. The show has definitely perked up. My Tivo Season Pass is safe, for now.

Who knew Mondays would be my go-to TV night this summer? Between House (I missed most of this season because it was scheduled against first Reaper, then One Tree Hill, so I’m catching up now), The Mole, Weeds, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, television’s giving us all a good reason to stay in on Mondays after spending all weekend at the beach. (Which is how I assume people who aren’t fair Irish lasses requiring 60+ SPF sunscreen only to still burn spend their summer weekends. I myself prefer the mall and the movies, where exposure to the sun is negligible but exposure to annoying people is sadly all too prevalent.)

And on a quasi-television note, by now I assume everyone has seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. If not, you can still catch it on iTunes. I had some major problems with the last act, and not just in the tonal shift. Tonal shift is par for the Whedon course. No, my problems were mostly with the handling of Penny and her complete lack of agency in her fate. This article largely reflects my feelings and issues and is worth a read. That said, the project had some moments of inspired brilliance and should be applauded for its ambition and much of its execution. If Dr. Horrible made you realize that sometimes, TV-like things can be awesome on the web, too, then I heartily suggest you check out a hilarious web series I started watching a few months ago, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. It’s a talk show parody with lots of inappropriate humor. Episode 12, Garden Party, is a real standout and guest stars Wil Wheaton. Other episodes include appearances by Ron Jeremy, Adam Arkin, and Unicow. (And Cownicorn.) It’s hilarious, and each episode wisely runs under five minutes, just long enough to make you laugh without becoming grating. You can also catch Felicia Day (Horrible’s Penny) in another web series, The Guild. All three should provide enough viewing enjoyment to hold you over until next Monday, when apparently Nancy Botwin will be spanked by a drug kingpin. Saucy.


Erica said...

Wait... There are new Weeds' episodes. I am so out of the loop.

smd said...

Yup, they're up to 4.6 now. If you have Comcast cable, you can catch up on OnDemand.