Monday, July 7, 2008

Items No Longer Blind, Still Probably BS

Yowza. A follow-up to my recent post on blind items, Gawker just reported that Crazy Days and Nights is de-blinding a bunch of old items. So now names are attached…but there’s no more accountability or anything silly like that. Who needs accountability? Only lame people who are all hung up on, like, reality and stuff. And, even de-blinded, some of the descriptors used are still For example, CDaN constantly says “older, but not aging” – what the duck? I assume that means “no longer carded at bars but not yet eligible for AARP”, but to me it sounds like they all have portraits stashed in their attics, doing their aging for them.

I think CDaN squicks me out so much because it’s the blind leading the blind. At least when Casablanca or Michael Musto spout out blind items, or non-blind but unsourced bits of gossip, they’re putting their name behind it. But any jacko can start a blog (…clearly) and can post whatever they want. Hey, did anyone figure out who the mongoose-molesting actor is yet?

Ah well. There are some items I would certainly like to be true, like this awesome go-go-girl-power blurb about one of my fave actresses, Eliza Dushku. I’d like to think she’d help out a scorned chick in need.

And there are other items I simply assume are true, like the one about Gary Busey trying to buy stuff with gold doubloons (okay, CDaN said coins, but doubloons are way more fun) because “he didn’t believe in cash or credit anymore and that he was returning to the past.” I mean, come on, Busey has gone completely batty - of course he’s going around town trying to buy stuff with pirate money.

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