Friday, May 23, 2008

About Fleet-Streetese

This is probably where the introduction should go, huh? Well, right now I'm just fiddling around. I wanted a place to talk about my favorite (and least favorite) media - music, television, movies, theatre, books, etc - as my friends, awesome though they are, don't share my (sometimes questionable) taste. I don't have a particularly exciting blog angle. I've worked a few low, low, low-level media-related jobs, but nothing particularly scandalous or exciting. I'm a recent college grad, but hey, the internet's chock full of those. I watch a lot of TV and listen to a lot of music, but probably not in comparison to other intrepid bloggers. I can be funny when not trying to be but rarely when actually attempting humor. But I'm hoping you'll read anyway, because who knows - tomorrow I can land a job artificially inseminating chickens or something, and then, hey, won't you be kicking yourself when you realize you had the chance to get in on Adventures in Chicken Fucking from the ground floor? Oh, see, that's a perfect example of my "trying for funny, in reality lame" technique.

The blog title comes from this:
Fleet-Streetese: The so-called English, written to sell by the "Fleet-Streeter," or baser sort of journalist; a mixture of sesquipedalians and slang, of phrases worn threadbare and phrases sprung from the kennel; of bad grammar and worse manners, the like of which is impossible outside Fleet Street, but which in Fleet Street commands a price and allows not a few to live. - John Farmer and W.E. Henley's Slang and Its Analogues, 1890-1904

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